Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diaper Totes

These diaper totes are so fun!! I got the idea when I was tired of taking my huge diaper bag to church or the swimming pool with me. They are still pretty good size to hold a lot of stuff, but they are light weight and stylish! I am selling them for $30.00. You can also buy matching wipee cases for $15.00 and burp cloths for $7.00

The Brody Bag

Here are some more of the material swatches I have! You can choose any combo of material to make your diaper bag unique!! If you don't see material you like, let me know your style and I will find the fabric!!

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  1. hi chelsea....i stumbled on your blog a while ago and i'm glad i clicked! i like what u're doing with your creative energy and must admit that your designs wow they make great gift options!